Perhaps You Talk Too Much?

Put your hand up if you’ve found yourself talking too much in circumstances when you should have kept quiet. Put your hand up if  you’ve engaged in idle chat, those conversations that you know you shouldn’t have engaged in past a certain point but you continued. Maybe it was gossip or lewd talk, perhaps it was a chat/DM/phone call or video call that you should’ve stopped at some point but continued anyway. Maybe you curse alot and just can’t seem to stop.

One way or another, we have all engaged in too much talk. The Bible in Psalms 10:19 says that,”

Too much talk leads to sin. Be sensible and keep your mouth shut.”

For the last few months I’ve been meditating on this scripture and asking the Lord to deal with me in this area especially as I began to realize how easy it is to sin while conversing. Its so easy for conversations shift from small talk to sin and brcause of this, one of my daily prayers has become, “Lord teach me   to only speak when its necessary. If what I speak while not bring glory to you, then seal my lips. “

It always amazes me how when you begin to pay attention to a certain area of your life then you realize just how much you fall short in it, at least that’s the case for me. So as I walk this jorney I’ve been spending time in repentance as I realize how much I need the Lord to help me change my speech to reflect Him while having to unlearn alot that I picked up growing up.

As a result of starting this journey, I’ve found myself posting less even of social media because I evaluate whether what I want to speak is necessary. There are arguments that I’ve passed up because they don’t glorify the Lord. I’m slow in giving my opinion on alot of things nowadays and I’m finding myself becoming very quiet.

How About you?

So how about you child of God? Does your talk glorify God or it reflects the world?

So, what words are you speaking. Are you using blessing or cursing others with your words? What songs are you singing and who are they glorifying?

I feel like the Lord is calling us to begin to speak less and ask Him to help us because the truth is many of us born again Christians are careless in our speech.

If it doesn’t glorify the Lord its better to be quiet than to sin by speaking too much

As the Lord enables me,I’ll also talk about our thoughts because as I’m dealing with this area of how I speak,I’m realizing that another area that is literally a battleground our thought life.

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