Can I heal after having an abortion?

It’s one of those things that you’ve vowed to never speak of. Nobody talks about that sort of thing anyway. But inside, the memory of your abortion pierces your heart. So is it possible to heal after an abortion?

Abortion Affects Men Too

A few weeks ago, my message was on God promising to rebuild and restore us (link available here) and immediately after I had put it up I started googling the word rebuild and restore to find a correlation between the two words and the 1st page that came up belongs to the wonderful gentleman who... Continue Reading →

To abort or not: I chose life

I never really thought that we would get to the point where we would begin to talk about legalizing abortion, especially in an African country. Somehow, I always thought that we ALL valued life. In Africa, family is a big deal and children are considered a blessing. But how fast things are changing. As a... Continue Reading →

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