We Have The Authority

While meditating on the topic of authority, the Lord reminded me of the story of Queen Esther and Haman.

Haman decided that he was going to destroy the Jews all because Mordecai wouldn’t bow whenever he passed as he had instructed all the lowly servants to do. Mordecai understood his identity and as a Jewish man there was no way that he was going to bow before anyone else other than God. Mordecai was just a lowly servant,and what many today would consider a nobody,but He also understood his assignment in the workplace. Earlier, he had taken his niece Esther into the royal palace and she had found favour in the king’s eyes and he took her as his queen.

When Queen Esther got wind of what Haman had planned to do through her uncle Mordecai, she asked the Jews to join her in a 3 day fast and during this time they petitioned God. Esther understood that she and the Jews needed to engage in the spirit realm first. Remember the bible says that whatever we bind on earth is bound in heaven and whatever we loose on earth is loosed in heaven.

After the 3 days, she then approached the king over the matter and because they had engaged in spiritual warfare in the heavenly realms and bound whatever needed to be bound,she found favour in the eyes of the king and at the end,the Jews were victorious. Haman was hanged on the gallows that he had set up to hang Mordecai and the Jews wee able to defend themselves against their enemies

A few things stood out for me while I meditated in this story:

  1. Understanding our identity in Christ. When the people of this world require us to bow to them.
    • It may not be physically bowing but in other ways such as having to compromise our beliefs in order to fit in, will you and I bow or will we stand for Christ?
  2. Do we understand our authority in the places God has placed us in?
    • Mordecai was not very senior in the palace but he must have been a very discerning man (a man who walked with God) when he sent his niece to the palace when the King deposed his first wife Vashti and needed a new queen to replace the one that was removed.
    • Do we understand our assignment at our workplaces, in our neighbourhoods or countries.
    • Wherever God has placed you, have you asked Him what He wants you to do while you’re there? Are you advancing His kingdom in those places or you’re advancing your own interests?
  3. How do you handle “Haman’s” that rise up against you?
    • We will always have enemies who rise up against us because there are people hate the fact that we worship a living God. Such people will try to get us to sin by bowing to other things and when we refuse it will be a problem.
    • Do we handle them by engaging in freshly wars or do we delay with them with wisdom?
    • This account teaches us how to handle our enemies as children of God by taking our case before the Lord.
  4. Knowing went to engage in spiritual warfare. Queen Esther Esther could’ve decided to accept the fate of the Jews which death and with the physical eyes the Jews were toast. Instead, she turned to her God through prayer and fasting. They engaged Haman in Haman Spirit realm and won. Evenry battle is won in the spirit realm first before it manifests physically. We must all learn how to wage spiritual warfare and we will walk in victory.
  5. When the Jews collectively heard their cry, He showed up by softening the heart of the king towards is wife. The favour of God will turn the hearts of kings towards us when we pray.

We have the authority through the name of Jesus Christ but somewhere along the way we allowed ourselves to become passive Christians who are pushed around.

The authority has already been given to us, let’s use it effectively for the glory of our God.

I have a testimony that I’d like to share publicly of what the Lord has done for me

So a few weeks ago on my Twitter handle (follow me: my handle is @hispreciousgem1) I felt the Lord leading me to do a 7 day challenge where I’d pray for one hour in tongues for 7 days so I decided to share it publicly just incase anyone wanted to join. a few people responded to the call and we began.

I found myself praying alot in the course of the day while wearing my mask (turns out that these things are of some good).

Turns out that the Lord had a reason for calling me to intensify praying especially in tongues because about a week later someone I had been in close contact with tested positive for Covid- 19 and I was among the people who had to be tested because of the close proximity.

Thankfully,neither I nor the other people that had been in close proximity to this person contracted the virus.

Isn’t God wonderful?!

I bless Him for having preserved us all.

That, dear ones,is the power of our God, that He protects us even when we don’t know that there’s danger ahead.

If you ever feel like the Lord is leading you to do something,obey. You never know what it is that the Lord is going to do for you.

Also,pray in tongues intensely. If you have not yet received the gift of tongues yet, ask the Holy Spirit to baptise you with this wonderful gifts. They are available to all of us for free, all we have to do is ask.

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