Jealousy (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of this blog post. Incase you haven’t read the 1st part, find it here.

4. Insecurity eventually turns into hatred if left unchecked

Apostle Stevenson has taught on this so check out that sermon YouTube (its titled: jealousy). He teaches that there are 4 stages of jealousy. It starts from insecurity- jealousy-envy-murder. So the root of jealousy is an insecurity.

Saul was the king of an entire nation yet he allowed his insecurities to cause him to turn on an ordinary citizen. Puzzling, isn’t it? He lost sight of what he had been called to steward and got this obsessive compulsion to eliminate his ‘enemy’. Yet David was always loyal to him. Hewas the man that made him look good because at tbe end of the day all successes in battle were attributed to the king of a nation. Saul could never see that because he was blinded by his jealousy.

If a whole king was jealous of an ordinary citizen, what stops your boss or someone you consider to be in a better position than you from being jealous of you? So learn not to take it personally and understand that it’s what God has placed in you that this person/people can sense and are feeling threatened by.

5. There’s nothing wrong with you!

People who are insecure about you will always try to convince you that there’s something wrong with you. According to them, you’re always the problem, you’re the one that needs to change. They don’t realise that it’s their insecurities that have blinded them and its keeping them from seeing that you are a treasure and an asset.

David wondered why Saul hated him and continued to hunt him down and though we are not told,he probably wondered why he was on the receiving end of the king’s wrath.

Job 5:2                                                Surely vexation kills the fool, and jealousy slays the simple.

Be careful, because if you are not secure in who you are, you will fall into the trap of self-blame and condemnation. You will actually start believing that there is something wrong with you and that will set you on a path of self doubt an unbelief. At such a time when you are facing such an attack from jealous people, stay in the presence of God so that you can hear His instructions clearly and also to receive validation and from Him. Hold on to His word concerning your life through scripture and other ways that he will speak to you.

6. As long as you walk with God there will always be jealous people around you

They will be jealous of your success, they will hate it that the Lord is blessing you and they can’t understand what you did to deserve it. They don’t understand that the Lord blesses a righteous man in every way. They will slander you and turn others against you.

Expect it and ask the Lord to give you wisdom on how to navigate such characters. Also, walk in humility.

Bonus point…

7. Don’t try to fight jealous people.

Allow the Lord to fight for you. David constantly run away from Saul to avoid hurting him and when he had the chance to kill him in the cave, as others were cheering him on to kill Saul. Davis did not. Infact he felt guilt for cutting off the hem of Saul’s garment. The Lord didn’t allow David to take part in the battle that Saul was killed in showing that we have to let the Lord fight our battles.

Don’t stoop to the level of jealous people and begin mud slinging them. Ask the Lord to help you forgive and not catch offense. Watch as he fights for you as you step aside.

As I conclude, I’ll tell you this. Begin to pay attention to the areas in your life that you have seen alot of attacks by jealous people. Let the attack serve not only as feedback to you but as fuel to the fire.

Jealous & insecure people can see your future when you can’t because they have identified your strengths , they KNOW that you’re destined for greatness. Keep doing what the Lord has called you to do well. Don’t be distracted.

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