When it hurts…

Life can be brutal and can beat us down so bad that we think that things can never get better. We’ve all been through situations that have either left us traumatized, hurt, wounded or broken. And when we go through hard times society expects us to get over it, after all life is tough and we shouldn’t be cry babies. So we start the cycle of covering things up.

We ignore talking about things/people that have left us hurt or even seeking professional help and instead choose to move on with life believing that we will eventually get over that “thing”. But we never do.

It’s even worse for men because they are taught that real men don’t cry and because of this, they rarely talk about the issues they are going through. But the truth is, we are all going through stuff silently. As a result, many are either depressed or addicted to various things.

I have learnt that our wounds can consume us till we get to the point we slowly die inside, if we do not deal with them. But God is good! His word that tells us that He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds (Psalms 147:3).

Our healing process starts when we realize that we need God to heal us and to do that which we can’t do for ourselves (deliver us). We have to fight for it because  the devil wants to keep us in a place where we never receive our freedom.

He does this by ensuring that we continue to wallow in our pain and self pity. He especially loves it when we are unforgiving towards others. Unforgiveness keeps us bound.

When the Lord started to heal me, He led me to Isaiah 61 which talks about pain and hurt and as I read it I got stuck on verse 3 that continues to encourage me. It says that: 

However, the good news is that God wants to heal our hurt. That thing that you think you can’t get over, that’s what God wants to heal. His word says,come to me all that are weary and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28).

We have to get to the place where we deal with the things in our lives that caused us pain  by surrendering them to God, after all He knows all our struggles.

Don’t Cover It Up

Maybe it was a relationship that left you hurt, a family member that called you names, you went through abuse, you lost a loved one, you went through a divorce and you chose not to deal with the pain, God wants to heal, but He can only do so if we allow Him to. On our own it is impossible to get over our wounds.

How and Where do I start?

Begin by asking the Holy Spirit to begin to reveal to you your wounds because its possible to go through life being hurt and not realizing that.

A lot of the things that hurt us have become so normalized in our lives that we don’t even know we are wounded. His Spirit reveals all truths and He will begin the work of healing and restoring our souls according to His word in Psalms 23.

Surrender to the process. It is a painful process but trust that it’s necessary for your life. The Holy Spirit is a comforter so allow Him to comfort you during that time. God wants to heal you and make you whole, let Him do what He does best

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